Rocket Poker

Rocket Poker: Your free-to-use agile estimation tool for Scrum Poker and Sprint Planning

You're likely familiar with terms like Scrum Poker or Planning Poker. At its core, these are techniques for the playful estimation of work units during Backlog Refinement. The goal is to estimate the time required for a project or a set of tasks. This estimation can be gamified using a classic card game. Rocket Poker is your free-to-use agile project estimation tool that makes estimating efforts online easy and playful. Start right away! It's recommended to play a round of Rocket Poker before sprint planning. This ensures all efforts are estimated, contributing to a smooth sprint planning.

A game of Rocket Poker provides three key insights: 1. A (relative) estimate 2. Improved technical knowledge transfer 3. Early feedback on feasibility and implementation options Rocket Poker is designed to eliminate natural group dynamics in the planning process, allowing everyone to contribute, not just dominant participants. It's especially beneficial for accounting for unknowns when working in cross-functional teams.

That's why Rocket Poker is your alternative to other Scrum Poker Tools

Wondering why Rocket Poker stands out as the alternative to other Scrum Poker Tools? Let's delve into the story of its inception within the dynamic Accso team. Agile IT projects are woven into our daily work, making tools like Scrum Poker essential. However, none met our unique requirements. Fueled by this gap, the Accso team took matters into their own hands, giving birth to "Rocket Poker" as a community project. Recognizing that our challenge might resonate with others, we decided to share our tool with anyone seeking a solution.

What sets Rocket Poker apart from other Scrum Poker tools? Rocket Poker... ...remains free of charge. ...operates without the need for registration, allowing you to start instantly. ...features a clean and appealing design. ...offers an intuitive user experience. ...invites you to try it out right here!

Effort estimation in 5 easy steps, thanks to Rocket Poker


1. Initiate a new Scrum Poker session effortlessly by entering your name on this page. No sign-up or email address is required.

2. Extend invitations to all team members for the estimation session using the unique Rocket Poker link provided to each individual.


3. Once the team gathers, the product owner succinctly presents the story, and the team engages in a question-and-answer opportunity.

4. The session owner unveils the cards. Results are deemed final if the estimates align.


5. In cases where agreement isn't reached, the team collaboratively discusses outliers and re-estimates. After a maximum of three rounds, the highest estimated value prevails if consensus remains elusive.

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